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ALL lives have value- it’s something we seem to forget so easily. 

ALL lives have value- it’s something we seem to forget so easily. 

…I will not be what fear makes me;

Love will set me free.

Whitley, “White Feathers, Strange Sights”    

The funny thing about living in a world filled with a myriad of different people and creatures, is that the more you accept others for who and what they are, the closer you become at realizing that you are not as different as you previously thought. Furtheremore, the more you are accepting of others, the more open you are, and this opening up just isn’t about your mind but more importantly, your heart. You begin to love others, not for your similarities or for your differences, you just simply love- because you are finally understanding what true love really meant.

We are all different. We are all the same.

Field Notes, “To Love, Truly.”    
Discovering fearlessness comes from working with the softness of the heart.
Chogyam Trungpa    
For Bullies and Their Advocates

I hear people argue on the “positive” side of bullying, that it exposes the child (or even adult) to the harsh but important truths of life- that bad things happen. But is that really the only lesson we need to learn about life? That it is harsh so we need to deal with it ourselves, and that there’s no way to change it? Though it is in fact true that bad things do happen, and that we’ll have to learn to deal with it somehow, that’s not the important lesson. It is not the whole truth. Because there’s the other half, the other truth of life, and it says that good things do happen too; that the world is not just filled with bullies and assholes, but that there are others who show love and compassion as well. When we see someone go through darker or painful times, we are given the chance to balance things out and show them that in the midst of dark times, there is always a possibility of peace and happiness and light. By doing this, we encourage others to persevere and even teach them the true meaning of strength. Later on, that person will learn this and will eventually be capable of believing it without assistance, and perhaps pass it on to others. 

So tell me, bullying advocates, is it really so hard for you to be the good in times of chaos or have you succumbed to the darkness of this world, believing it to be the only truth? Or maybe you just don’t even know how to really deal with it yourself?